Best accessible destinations for Easter in Europe

Best accessible destinations for Easter in Europe

The celebration of Holy Week is a deeply rooted tradition in various European countries. This Palm Sunday evokes the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem and is celebrated with processions in which palm or olive branches are blessed.

The holiday that ends on April 9 is lived very intensely in countries like Spain. In this week’s post you can discover several recommended accessible destinations where to travel for this occasion.

Seville, Spain

Holy Week in Seville was declared a festival of International Tourist Interest in 1980. Its impressive processions stand out, accompanied by music bands and the Nazarenes, in which steps or religious images that were made since the Baroque era are carried.
This religious and artistic spectacle has become an important tourist attraction. Therefore, it is essential to take accessibility into account.
The city will have reserved parking spaces, chairs and boxes reserved for users with physical disabilities, a sanitary device and charging for individual electric vehicles for people with reduced mobility (in Plaza Nueva).

Rome and Vatican City

Undoubtedly, Holy Week in Rome is one of the most important religious celebrations in the world, since it is where the headquarters of the Catholic Church and the Pope are located. The ceremonies and processions attract thousands of faithful and international tourists.
Palm Sunday begins with mass and the blessing of the palms in the famous Plaza de San Pedro, presided over by the Pope. The place will be packed with people. If you attend, try to go well in advance.
You should know that many people take advantage of Easter Monday to have picnics in the city parks. In addition, it is convenient to check especially the opening hours of the tourist attractions before attending. For example, the Colosseum Archaeological Park will close on Friday, April 7.
To learn more about the accessibility of Rome you can download our guide.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon does not celebrate processions as massive as Spain, so it is possible to walk the streets of the city without so many restrictions. However, occupancy is usually high in the accommodations, so it is advisable to plan your stay in advance.
The Portuguese city has removed many architectural barriers so that people with reduced mobility can enjoy public spaces. Likewise, the pleasant weather at this time of year invites accessible tourism.
The Visit Portugal website proposes three accessible itineraries to discover Lisbon. First visit Belém, then explore the Bairro Alto and the castle of São Jorge. Finally, enter the Parque das Nações.

Vienna, Austria

A few months ago we told you about the Christmas markets in Vienna. At Easter time, the Schönbrunn Palace also hosts the most important Easter Market in Austria.
The atmosphere is excellent, and it is well worth visiting Vienna at this time. Its beautiful squares are decorated with flowers and even giant Easter eggs. Locals and tourists buy delicious artisan products at the stalls. Children have fun painting eggs or bunnies in the workshops that are organized around the city.
Take the opportunity to try the typical Austrian snacks at Easter, such as reindling (traditional cake) or spiced bread.
We also have a Vienna guide for you to locate the main accessible tourist attractions.

Have you visited any of these accessible cities at this time of year? Tell us about the experience.

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