German Fairy Tale Route: accessible places that inspired the Brothers Grimm

German Fairy Tale Route: accessible places that inspired the Brothers Grimm

Once upon a time there was the “Deutsches Märchenstrasse” (“German Fairy Tale Route”), a unique way to immerse yourself in the writings of the Brothers Grimm. This tourist itinerary covers some of the places that inspired the most famous stories in the world.

Between beautiful natural landscapes and medieval castles, those who undertake this adventure can discover certain sites accessible to people with reduced mobility. In this week’s post we invite you to know which ones.

The German Fairy Tale Route covers about 600 kilometres. The Grimm’s hometown of Hanau is the starting point. In its central square, there is a monument in honor of the brothers. To better navigate the streets and locate accessible places for wheelchair users, you can use

Alsfeld is another of the places that is marked on the itinerary. The town of Little Red Riding Hood preserves a beautiful old town with cobbled streets. As it receives thousands of visitors a year, it pays special attention to accessibility and has parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities, barrier-free paths and shops with entrances at ground level.

Another place worth visiting is Kassel, which is home to the world’s largest exhibition hall dedicated to the work of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. The Grimmwelt Museum has historical artifacts accompanied by information in German and English, allowing you to get to know the famous brothers better. According to the website of the museum, all the floors of the building are accessible by elevator. The samples are also accessible, and there is an adapted bathroom on the first floor and on the ground floor.
Take the opportunity to visit the Wilhelmshöhe Palace, an impressive baroque building surrounded by gardens. The Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel page points out that there is a ramp at the main entrance, an elevator that leads to all the exhibition places and several adapted bathrooms in the museum cafeteria.

Hamelin is also a must on the itinerary. The legend of the flutist is told in great detail in the museum of the medieval city, which has barrier-free facilities and has a lift, stair lift and platform.

If you would like to do this route, leave it in the hands of our concierge. We will look for accommodation adapted to your needs near these cities in Germany.

Tell us, which site would you be most excited to visit?

Sources: Menschen in Hanau,, Grimmwelt Kassel, Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel, Museum Hameln, Deutsche Märchenstraße


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