Accessibility in the canyons you can visit from Las Vegas

Accessibility in the canyons you can visit from Las Vegas

Rising in the middle of the desert, the city of Las Vegas is also close to incredible natural sites. Take several bottles of water and your backpack. Specifically, our next adventure will be in the accessible canyons. In this week's post you will discover some of them.

Red Rock Canyon (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is located west of Las Vegas. You can reach it just a twenty minute drive from downtown.

Its distinctive reddish-colored peaks attract tourists and locals who want to go hiking and rock climbing.  Many simply go to take pictures of this captivating place. Whatever the reason for your visit, you should know that it has accessible areas for wheelchair users.

From the 13-Mile Scenic Drive you can already enjoy beautiful views. Also, according to the U.S. Department of the Interior – Bureau of Land Management website, it has the following:

  • Accessible trails located at the overlook, the Red Spring area, the Willow Springs picnic area, and the visitor center, among others.
  • Accessible restrooms at the visitor center and most retreats. However, restrooms on the scenic drive may not have grab bars.
  • Accessible picnic areas.

Grand Canyon (Arizona)

We could not miss the Grand Canyon. It is far from downtown Las Vegas, about four hours and thirty minutes by car, but it is worth the getaway. The Colorado River crosses the canyon and carries water from seven states, but the area we know as Grand Canyon is entirely in Arizona.

It is recommended to visit with a companion. Grand Canyon National Park has rocky trails and steep cliffs.

All park buses are adapted for people with reduced mobility. They have ramps or low entry for easy access. However, you should know that wheelchairs larger than 76 x 122 centimeters cannot be accommodated on the bus.

There are also restrooms, viewpoints, parking and accessible trails. You can locate them in the National Park Service Accessibility Guide.

Valley of Fire State Park (Nevada)

Valley of Fire State Park is characterized by its red sandstone formations, which originated from dunes in the Jurassic period. This natural wonder is located 72 kilometers from the heart of Las Vegas.

From the road you can see certain parts of the park and some canyons. Its trails are not very accessible. Instead, you can enjoy the picnic area. Last year, The Disabled Photographer Project published a video about accessibility in the Valley of Fire. You may want to watch it before you visit.

You can also check out the Nevada State Parks map. People with limited mobility can request assistance or provide suggestions for recreational activities by calling the park system at (775) 684-2793.

Death Valley (California)

Death Valley is known for being the hottest national park. From May onwards it can be scorching hot. For this reason, many people choose to visit in the spring.  

It is in the Mojave Desert in southeastern California, 239 kilometers away from downtown Las Vegas.  Many movies have been filmed here, such as Star Wars (1977) or 3 Godfathers (1948).

The national park has an accessible visitor center, adequate trails and campgrounds with adapted restrooms and paved surfaces. In addition, certain historic sites, canyons and overlooks can be viewed from the car.

Check out all the trail details on the National Park Service page.

Tell us, have you visited any of them? What other canyons would you recommend visiting?

Sources: U.S. Department of the Interior – Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service (1)(2)(3), Nevada State Parks


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