Unforgettable accessible experiences in the Hawaiian Islands

Unforgettable accessible experiences in the Hawaiian Islands

The Hawaiian Islands seem like something out of a dream. Surrounded by towering volcanoes and emerald valleys, travelers are greeted with the characteristic warmth of the inhabitants. Likewise, it is easy to forget your worries on a golden sand beach where the waves are accompanied by the pleasant sound of the ukulele.

Many unforgettable and accessible experiences await you in Hawaii. In this week’s post we recommend some of them.

Visit Hawai’i Vocalnoes National Park

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is known worldwide for being home to two of the world’s most active volcanoes, Kīlauea and Mauna Loa. This wonder of nature is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is one of the most spectacular sites you will see on the island of Hawaii.
The landscape of this park is constantly being shaped, making certain places inaccessible. However, the staff works to ensure maximum accessibility.
The National Park Service website explains that there are several toilets adapted for people with reduced mobility. In addition, there are several trails suitable for wheelchair users. For example, part of the Ha’akulamanu Trail, the short gravel trail to Wahinekapu, and the paved trail to the Kīlauea Overlook.

Learn about the history of Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is the largest natural harbor in the State of Hawaii and one of the most visited destinations on the island of Oahu. This place invites you to learn about the war in the Pacific, reflect on the events and recall the achievements of a generation.
The USS Arizona Memorial commemorates the crew lost during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Its entrance is accessible through a ramp. In addition, it has a visitor center with parking, toilets, galleries, a counter and other accessible facilities.
The Pacific Aviation Museum, Bowfin Submarine Park and Museum, and the Battleship Missouri Monument are also accessible to those with reduced mobility.

Admire the sunrise from the Haleakala

It may seem very typical to go to Maui and see the sunrise from Haleakalā National Park, but it is worth it. It is one of the most beautiful shows that nature gives us. For this reason, we warn you that you must book well in advance so as not to miss it.
Head to the top by car. Note that many electric vehicles have not been able to reach the summit despite being fully charged. Also, there are no gas stations inside the park, so make sure you refuel beforehand.
The National Park Service notes that the visitor centers are accessible and have adapted restrooms.

Watch the whales in Maui

They say that Maui is one of the best destinations to watch humpback whales. From December to May, it is quite common to see these mammals breaking the surface of Hawaiian waters.
The protection of animals is important, so the boats cannot get closer than 91 meters. Swimming and/or touching whales or other marine life is also prohibited.
Pacific Whale Foundation has accessible parking spaces in front of the store. The companion can go to register in the store and, from there, they will give the instructions so that the wheelchair user can get to the boat in an easy way.
Share in our comments section if you know of any company with the adapted fleet.

Have fun at a traditional Hawaiian party

You can’t leave Hawaii without going to a luau party, a feast of local food that is accompanied by traditional shows such as the hula.
We have found that Old Lahaina Luau in Maui is accessible to wheelchair users. Customers simply need to give advance notice so they can be placed in seats with easy access.

Take a helicopter tour

Hawaii’s tropical beauty captivates even more from above. For this reason, many travelers decide to take a helicopter tour and comfortably see the most emblematic points of each island.
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters makes this experience possible for everyone. It has its bases accessible to passengers in wheelchairs. In addition, it has a chair lift so that they can climb safely.

If you want to see more accessible places in Hawaii, we recommend you download our free guide.

Tell us, what other accessible experiences would you add to our list?

Sources: Hawai’i Tourism Authority, National Park Service (1)(2)(3), Pacific Whale Foundation, Old Lahaina Luau


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