Accessible places worth visiting in California

Accessible places worth visiting in California

Everyone who travels to California comes back full of stories. They can tell you how they were overwhelmed by the shade of giant trees, how they felt walking the Walk of Fame, how the modern blended with the old in some San Francisco neighborhoods, how the beautiful beaches of the area seemed to take away all the problems...and much more.

In this week’s post we suggest several places worth visiting in this accessible destination. Because we want you to tell the next story.

San Francisco

It is true that San Francisco is characterized by its steep streets, but there are accessible transportation options so that people with reduced mobility can easily move around the city. 

The Golden Gate is one of the most iconic bridges in the United States, so it is worth stopping and admiring its beautiful construction. Its National Recreation Area is home to nineteen different ecosystems. There are also accessible trails, restrooms, camping areas and parking.

Alcatraz Island is also one of the tourist attractions in the area. It is recommended to plan your visit in advance and purchase tickets on the authorized website. Alcatraz Cruises has restrooms on the pier, access ramps and adapted restrooms. In addition, to avoid the steep slopes on the island, visitors can take the accessible tram and make the journey without inconvenience.

Excellent weather, diverse gastronomy, scenic beauty, Victorian architectural gems… There is much to discover in San Francisco. We invite you to visit our section of the website dedicated to this destination and download our guide for more information.

Yosemite National Park

On your route through California, Yosemite National Park is an essential stop. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984, this great natural area is a real treat for the eyes. There you will find spectacular waterfalls, towering sequoias, peculiar rock formations and other natural wonders.

The park has a variety of accessible services: Access Pass, accessible parking spaces, wheelchair and electric scooter rentals, camping with accessible areas, accessible buses leading to the falls and adapted restrooms

Sequoia National Park

California is also “a land of giants”. The ancient trees of the Sequoia National Park seem to touch the sky and anyone feels small next to them. Another 1,300 species of plants and nearly 300 animals take refuge under some of the tallest trees on the planet. 

The park has at least one accessible parking space in each of its parking lots, wheelchair rental service, free accessible transportation and adequate picnic areas.

Some trails are paved and accessible. However, there may be obstacles such as branches or rocks on the trails. The park staff works to clear those paths as quickly as possible.

Lake Tahoe

Located on the border between the states of California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe looks like something out of a dream. The water looks deep blue, and the trees stand out for their greenery.

The Taylor Creek Visitor Center, museums, Tallac Historic Site, Inspiration Point Overlook, picnic area and several trails are accessible to people with limited mobility.

Santa Monica Beach and Pier

Santa Monica welcomes all types of travelers with open arms. Therefore, public transportation is accessible, main streets are easily accessible, many attractions are adapted and curbs are lowered on the boardwalk. 

So that State Beach can be fully enjoyed, there are also paths suitable for people with reduced mobility and an amphibious chair rental service.

Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles arouses thousands of emotions. Celebrities shine there almost as much as the sun that appears many days of the year. The good atmosphere is breathed on its beaches and in its streets. In addition, with the arrival of good weather in spring, it is an excellent time to visit.

Accessibility is good in Hollywood. The famous street where the Walk of Fame is located has wide sidewalks where it is easy to get around in a wheelchair. Also, you can’t miss other places of interest in LA such as Universal Studios Hollywood -where the magical world of Harry Potter is located- or the Griffith Observatory -a gateway to California’s cosmos-.  

Disneyland in Anaheim

Theme parks are always an incentive to travel anywhere and have fun. Located less than half an hour from Los Angeles, the magic of Disneyland awaits you. 

As is well known, Disney parks are accessible to people with reduced mobility. There are attractions where you can enter directly with your wheelchair, while in others you must transfer the user. To enjoy this experience to the fullest, be sure to check the accessibility details.

As a reminder, if you are traveling to California, you can find accessible accommodations with Travegali. We guarantee your adapted room

Tell us, what other recommendations would you add to our list?

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