The Heroes and villains of our childhood: comics and functional diversity

The Heroes and villains of our childhood: comics and functional diversity

Today we showcase the characters with functional diversity who have been part of the comic culture and continue to mark the new generations.

The first superhero in history was Ōgon Bat, created by Suzuki Ichiro and Takeo Nagamatsu, both Japanese, in 1930. This character had superhuman strength, could fly and was invulnerable. Thus, he used his abilities to fight against the evil Dr. Zero.

Superman made his debut in 1938, and was succeeded by many other superheroes we know today.

We wanted to dedicate a post to all those characters with functional diversity who have been part of the comics’ legend that continue to mark the new generations. Because, as these comics show us, we can all become heroes…or villains.

Charles Xavier (Marvel)

Charles Xavier, also known as Professor X, is the founder of the X-Men. Respected worldwide in the field of genetics, this brilliant scientist promotes peaceful relationships between humans and mutants. Likewise, he is admired for his leadership and noted for having one of the strongest psychic powers, telepathy.

Professor X has a spinal injury, so we can see him in a wheelchair for most of the story. As discussed later, he can take a medicine capable of repairing his spine, but it weakens his powers. To save the world, he must give up his ability to walk.

Barbara Gordon (DC Comics)

Barbara Gordon, also known as Batgirl, was shot in the back by the Joker. Nonetheless, she continued to be a wheelchair superhero. Instead of highlighting her athletic ability, she traded her power for extraordinary intelligence. Consequently, she developed a complex computer system that serves her to fight crime and help Batman.

The character was rebranded as Oracle and she has won a lot of fans for her genius and resilience.

Other characters you should know

Of course, Professor X and Oracle are not the only characters with functional diversity. In this list we mention others with different abilities:

  • Cyborg (DC Comics) lost an eye, two legs and an arm after an experiment in his parents’ laboratory. His father reconstructs his limbs with metal and gives him superpowers.
  • Donald Blake (Marvel), Thor’s former identity, was a doctor who had an injured leg and used a cane. Thanks to him, Thor learns to be humble and persevering.
  • Madame Web (Marvel) is blind and her body is paralyzed. However, she can contact Spiderman telepathically and warn him of threats.
  • Aquaman (DC Comics) lost his hand and replaced it with a powerful golden harpoon.
  • Silhouette (Marvel) is a mutant who can teleport. She uses the crutches to walk and also as a weapon.
  • Komodo (Marvel) had a car accident in which his legs had to be amputated. Thanks to a formula created by Doctor Connors he manages to regenerate his limbs and obtain super strength.

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What do you think of these characters? Do you know of any others we haven’t mentioned? Share it with us.
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