Accessible NYC: 8 food trucks you must visit

Accessible NYC: 8 food trucks you must visit

If the streets of New York could speak for themselves, they would tell many stories. Among them, that of the world's foods. There are options for all tastes and times. Even when you have little time to visit the city and/or it is difficult to find a place to go, there are alternatives.

In every corner of the Big Apple you can discover street food stalls and trucks, offering fast, delicious and affordable cuisine for everyone. In this week’s post we present you 8 food trucks that you can try during your stay in this accessible destination


Birria-Landia food truck is located in the borough of Queens. It specializes in tacos and birria (stew made with beef and spices). Undoubtedly, it has become a favorite among locals. In fact, its menu has been favorably rated by critics from the New York Times and Eater.

The idea for this business was born in 2019, from the hand of brothers José and Jesús Moreno.

Carvel Ice Cream Truck

When Tom Carvel decided to buy his first ice cream truck in 1929, his goal was clear: to make people smile. Over the years, he has managed to sweeten the lives of many Americans and spread his business to twenty-five states (in New York alone he has more than one hundred locations).

Carvel’s ice creams are distinguished by their freshness and creaminess. They also serve other desserts and treats.

Cesar’s Empanadas Truck

Cesar’s Empanadas Truck is located a short walk from Atlantic Terminal in the borough of Brooklyn. Specializing in Mexican food, this place has served celebrities such as Alicia Keys and Jimmy Kimmel. 

Due to the pandemic, it had to close for safety reasons. Now it is open offering delicious dishes again.

Chicken vs Lamb

The Chicken vs Lamb truck is located next to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Thus, it is an excellent option for lunch in the Bronx neighborhood. 

Among its dishes, the spicy rice stands out. They also serve other Halal delicacies.

Eddie’s Pizza 

Eddie’s Pizza‘s business in New Hyde Park was very successful. The pizza stood out for being tasty and low in calories. As a result, he decided to run a truck-based catering service. Today, it boasts of being one of the top food trucks in the cities of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and the Tri-State area.

Franky’s Souvlaki

Located in the multicultural neighborhood of Astoria, Franky’s Souvlaki serves delicious Greek food. The business has been in business since 1970, making it already part of the district and widely known among locals. It is definitely a must stop for anyone who wants to try souvlaki and other popular Greek dishes.

Makina Café

Makina Café is the first Eritrean-American company with a truck serving “Habesha” food. A different proposition for visitors to Long Island.

The word “Habesha” is used to eliminate the difference between the tribes of Eritrea and Ethiopia and celebrate the unity of people who share the religion. Therefore, through the flavors, Ethiopian, Eritrean and Italian cultures are blended. 

Wafels & Dinges

With their yellow trucks, Wafels & Dinges are part of the iconic New York landscape. It was born in 2007, with the goal of improving Belgian waffles in the United States. Since then, it has won numerous awards for the quality of its dessert.

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Have you tried the food from these food trucks? Leave us in the comments your impressions and recommend other options you know. 

Sources: West Gate Resorts, Birria-Landia, Carvel Ice Cream, Cesar’s Empanadas Truck, Chicken vs Lamb, Eddie’s Pizza, Franky’s Souvlaki, Makina Café, Wafels & Dinges


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