Adaptive clothing to travel the world

Adaptive clothing to travel the world

The clothes we wear can influence our health, and perhaps we do not give this fact the importance it deserves. Heart problems, fluid retention, digestion difficulties and obstruction of the air passage are some consequences of the frequent use of tight clothing. Comfort is synonymous with well-being, and properly-fitting clothing is key to fully enjoying the magnificent experiences life offers.

In this week’s post we talk about adaptive clothing and the befree project, which has created adaptive fashion that will give you the necessary freedom to travel to any destination.

It is well-known that adaptive clothing adjusts to the needs of people with disabilities and facilitates the dressing process. The adaptation of pants is especially crucial, as wheelchair users avoid health concerns caused by the seams when seated in the same position for a long period of time.

befree pants,  with its patented design, zipOns, are an excellent option for people with permanent or temporary reduced mobility. They have a zipper on each leg that extends from the waist to the hem. This will allow you to remove the garment easily, whether you are sitting or lying down. Therefore, there is no pulling on the legs as is the case with standard trousers.

ZipOns can also become a travel essential  in your suitcase, since they are comfortable and favor autonomy. They allow you to easily accommodate a brace if you use one, and their zippers are covered with a beading to prevent chafing during travel.

The zipOns’ sleek and simple design means they can be easily layered and worn multiple times—if you’re a globetrotter, you already know how important it is to pack light.

The fabric of these tailored pants is also soft and absorbs moisture. In addition, there are sizes for children and adults.

About befree

The idea for zipOns came about when Nikki Puzzo’s daughter faced hip surgery at age 5. The girl with cerebral palsy had her legs in a cast for three long months. Her mother became frustrated by the fact that there were no clothes on the market that provided comfort during her recovery.

Nikki created adaptive pants so she could adjust the casts and easily dress her daughter. Her surgeon was impressed and suggested she tailored them for other people with similar needs. When Nikki shared the idea with her friend Joanne DiCamillo, the two decided to establish the befree project. Currently, they continue to endeavor to make dressing as challenge-free for people with reduced mobility.

Tell us, do you wear adaptive clothing? What features do you find most useful?

Source: befree


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