Tips for your next accessible trip to Punta Cana

Tips for your next accessible trip to Punta Cana

Perhaps you have always dreamed of visiting Punta Cana but do not know where to start planning your trip. In this week's post we give you some tips to find the best accessible hotel, rent mobility equipment, visit the town at the best time of year and much more.

1. Find an accessible hotel in Punta Cana

Punta Cana resorts are known for providing exceptional service to their guests. For this reason, the hotel industry is increasingly aware of accessibility. This is reflected in the increase in the supply of hotels with accessible rooms for people with reduced mobility.

As you may already know, you can search for the best accommodation in the Dominican town and filter the results according to your needs on our website. For example, select only hotels that have a roll-in shower, a pool ramp or an amphibious chair for the beach.

Pay special attention to our recommended hotels. You will find them in our Punta Cana Accessible City Guide featured on our website.

If you need help and/or want to save time, you can make use of our free Concierge service. We will take care of finding the hotel on the dates you want, guaranteeing you the accessible room and planning other details of your trip, such as accessible transportation from the airport.

2. Save money

The “all inclusive” hotels are usually an excellent option to enjoy your trip without worries and not have more added expenses. In the case of accommodation in Punta Cana, the price fluctuates depending on the variety of amenities they provide.

Currently, you can find special offers on Christmas and New Year’s Eve on

3. Rent mobility equipment

Located in the heart of Bávaro and Punta Cana, Scooters DR is a company that provides mobility aids to travelers. Among its products are scooters, walkers, manual wheelchairs, baby strollers and beach chairs. It also makes deliveries directly to hotels, making it easy for you to enjoy the trip.

4. Safety above all

The Dominican Republic is a relatively safe country. However, it is always advisable to be cautious and avoid the marginal areas of the city.

Be discreet and do not expose your cameras, mobile phones, jewelry or valuable belongings. You can bring cash to pay at certain local businesses, but only enough to spend that day.

To exchange currency, go to reliable banks or offices. You can also do it in your country of origin.

In the event of any mishap, notify the Tourism Police (POLITUR). Their  uniform is easily recognizable.

5. Things to do in Punta Cana

If you travel to Punta Cana, it is understandable that you want to spend the day under the coconut palms overlooking the beautiful accessible beaches. However, there are more plans you can make.

Excursions to Saona Island or Altos de Chavón are very frequent. Pedrito Punta Cana-Tatos Palm Beach points out that people with reduced mobility must be accompanied by someone to help them with transfers. However, you can request more information and have fun.

We recommend two activities operated by Runners Adventures and Art of Diving. Runners Adventures offers an accessible tour where you can meet the friendly squirrel monkeys and interact with them. In addition, you can enter a botanical garden and taste the products of the land.

For its part, Art of Diving has accessible diving programs to explore the waters of the Caribbean.

6. Best time of year to visit Punta Cana

According to an analysis conducted by Weather Spark, the best time to visit Punta Cana and enjoy water activities is usually from mid-December to mid-April.

During the year, the temperature usually varies from 22°C to 31°C. It rarely exceeds 32 °C.

Hurricane season usually occurs between June and September. Also, the rainiest months are May and October.

7. Suitcase essentials

Apart from swimwear, it is highly recommended to bring mosquito repellent. When the humidity is high, they increase their presence and annoy the locals.

It may be useful to take a portable battery to charge your mobile. It is not frequent in large accommodations, but perhaps in other areas of the country there will be an electrical blackout.

A small first aid kit can also save you from any health eventuality. Of course, do not forget the sunscreen.

Tell us, what other things would you like to know before traveling to Punta Cana? If you have already visited it, share your tips in the comments.

Remember that you can download our free Punta Cana Accessible City Guide.

Sources: Guias Viajar, Todo Punta Cana (1)(2), Los Viajes de Domi, Weather Spark and Dios del Sol


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