The most accessible cities in Spain

The most accessible cities in Spain

Spain is a vibrant country where outdoor leisure, gastronomy and culture are especially enjoyed. It has become one of the most visited destinations in the world, and many of its cities are recognized for their commitment to accessibility.

In this European nation there is a variety of adapted accommodation, barrier-free monuments, accessible transport and adequate infrastructure for people with reduced mobility… In this week’s post we invite you to discover some of the most accessible Spanish cities.


Located at 1,131 meters above sea level, Ávila treasures one of the best preserved medieval walled enclosures in the world. Its beautiful and protected historic center shows the past of a warrior and religious city.
For many years, Ávila has worked so that everyone can enjoy the urban environment and its monuments. In fact, it was recognized as the first European Accessibility City in 2011.
There is an accessible route that runs through the main tourist attractions (the wall, the Cathedral, the church of San Pedro, the basilica of San Vicente and many others). Likewise, tourists can borrow wheelchairs at the Visitor Reception Center.
Urban transport is also suitable for people with reduced mobility. All buses have access ramps and space reserved for wheelchairs.


The beautiful city of Madrid has a renewed public transport. As indicated on the official website of the Community of Madrid, the average age of light rail is 3 years, “compared to 20 years for the Brussels network”. Likewise, the average age of trains is 12 years, while London trains have an average of 28 years. This is reflected in all the amenities that it incorporates for people with disabilities: the light rail network and city and intercity buses are fully accessible.
The Spanish capital also stands out for its infinity of proposals for people with disabilities. In fact, its own Tourism Center offers accessible guided tours so that no traveler misses out on the most relevant sites.
You can download our Madrid Accessible City Guide for more information.


We have told you about it on numerous occasions. Located on the shores of the Mediterranean, Barcelona enjoys a cosmopolitan spirit and is home to authentic architectural jewels.
The Catalan capital is one of the most accessible cities in Spain and Europe. Without a doubt, its public transport is a benchmark in terms of accessibility: the metro network is suitable for people with disabilities (there are only seven stations that are not yet adapted, but they will be renovated in the coming years), as is the entire fleet of buses.
If you want to know more about accessibility in the city, we recommend that you download our Barcelona Guide.


Palma de Mallorca boasts of being a city with all its accessible beaches. In summer, it has an assisted bathing service on five beaches in the municipality (Cala Estancia, Ciudad Jardín, Can Pere Antoni, Playa de Palma and Cala Mayor). Likewise, the bathing areas have accessible routes, crutches and amphibious chairs, walkways with wooden platform, bathrooms with adapted showers and shaded areas, among other services for people with reduced mobility.


Bilbao is an important gastronomic and cultural destination in the country. For this reason, many of its places of tourist interest are adapted.
Its iconic Guggenheim Museum welcomes visitors with reduced mobility. It houses two accessible restaurants, adapted bathrooms, spacious elevators, a lowered counter, and a wheelchair loan service.
To find out more about Basque art and culture, discover other accessible sites such as the Basque Museum, the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum or the Azkuna Zentroa. In addition, the city has a variety of recommendable accessible restaurants such as Azurmendi Gastronómico or Aizián.
Regarding transport, Bilbao has adapted urban buses that have access ramps, information panels and non-slip floors. The tram is also adapted for people with disabilities.


Logroño professes strong roots in its traditions, but also embraces prosperity and development. Widely known for its wine culture and for being part of the Camino de Santiago, the capital of La Rioja has many places accessible to people with reduced mobility.
You can find accessible transport, points of interest and other services on the La Rioja Sin Barreras website. At the moment the page is only available in Spanish.
In addition, we not only recommend that you explore this beautiful city, but the entire province. The Santa María La Redonda Co-Cathedral, the Suso and Yuso Monasteries, the Sierra de Cebollera Natural Park, the Vivanco Museum of Wine Culture or the Valdezcaray ski resort are some of the places you can visit in La Rioja.

Tell us, which Spanish city would you like to visit the most? Also tell us if you would like to know other accessible destinations in Spain or in other countries of the world.

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